tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Little Rascals

LittleOne's are SoSo Cute. They are Fairyland Little Fee's, Girl is Luna and Boy is Reni.

They are about 25 cm height so no the tinytiny but little any way. SnowFairys they are. Auroras life is not dull with these little ones. An We have another surprise for her coming for Christmas..

~*~ Luna ~*~ 

She is so pretty little princess. Pink hair maybe.. or she might just be brunet.. we will see that in time. Her eyes are pinkish Grey.. so so lovely and sparkly. Factory name Luna.. well Luna is very very lovely name but not for her (our cat is Luna so no two Luna in the house). She is whispering Sara.. or Emma.. we wait..

~*~ Reni ~*~ 

He is Little Snow Fairy Prince. But I think he is just a little happy boy. I'm not sure is he staying blond or not.. we will see that in time. He's eyes are greyish blue for sure. And name.. Factory name Reni is not staying..  We (me and my son) are hearing maybe Mio or Levi..

Next post is about they body's and measurements.

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