lauantai 30. huhtikuuta 2016

Some Hair Pictures

Some Hair Styling for Aurora. For my first wig I kinda like her hair. Bit too much hair but ok. But.. I like to do things the way I had them planned and just making the wig is not good. I had to style it too because I do not like Troll hair on her. So her goes our Aurora's day (or evening actually) in Hair Dresser Chair.

 1. This is where we started. New, just made Wig. Lot's and lot's of hair...

2. Brushing and combing tamed most of the Troll-style hair. And brushing took some hair off.

3. Nice look, even it's still very much hair. Color is Perfect for her. I Love it.

4. First.. so bad picture with flash. Light have been so rainy and dark. Hair.. well one looooong evening with water+conditioner, brush, small paintbrush (for curling) and mini straightener. Much better hair and cute curls. Lot's of work but it's worth it.(better pictures when we get sunlight back)

And for the future.. In like to post Lot's of Pictures. =D

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