keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2016

She arrived. So exited.

I was expecting her to arrive early May. But this morning postman delivered note to go post pick up signet packet. I thought it was something else (I'm expecting more packets to arrive) and was surprised when it was her. Her hair is still on it's way. Actually it's not even hair its alpaca fiber so she is bald for while. I decided not to order her wig but to make it my self. I just could not find wig I liked.

About her hair and stuff I make next post. This is just her Home Coming.

* Now for the Grand Opening part. *

1. Very well taped box. I needed scissors to get in. So points for good packing to the seller.

 2. In side there is pink satin roll and soft package material.

 3. Pink satin roll is very soft and puffed. Magic sponge for cleaning.

4. Opening the roll. Feet and hands are warped double times in materials. Face Dome and superb packing in head. Feet for heels and heel shoes. Shoes you can paint as you wish.

5. All wrappings off and she is pretty. Body blushing is very nicely done.

6. Painted toe nail. These are nice.

7. Heels and feet. I like her toes here. Shoes I paint sometime. Heels are not my first choice of shoes for her.

8. Very Blue eyes. Random choice from seller. I'm ordering different ones but these are just fine for now. Lips are cute Peachy like I wanted. Real lashes, not painted. Eyebrows could be little different but they are ok for now. I re do them sometime. (when i have all the stuff i need for that)

9. One with flash to show How Blue here eyes are.

 10. Here Lashes are huge. =D Eyebrows will need some shape later. Blushing in neck is nice.

 11. Getting her to stand on her own was bit challenging at first.

12. And My assistant for unwrapping her. Our BlackCat-Boy Pekka. I think he likes her.

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