keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2016

Hair for the Girl

I did not order wig. Firs I thought that it would be good for first wig. But where is the fun if you do everything the easy way. So I decide to make her wigs my self. And one reason is that I could not find wig that I really like. Not shape or color. So I order Medium Auburn Mohair, 8-10 inch long, 1 oz. This is what her first hair is going to be.


Idea for style I like is from Amadiz Studio's pictures and some etsy hairs. Deep Red, some curls and long. Irish Girl-type hair.

1. Merida-style is very nice. Maybe little less volume. This is for 1/3 size doll in picture and maybe this curly is not nice 1/4 size.

2. Something like this Sard Boy has. This is also 1/3 size boy ( ~70 cm ) but this style would work on  size too.. *grin* and me too.

3. This is nice Alpaca wig. More red but this style is maybe what I try with my firs DIY wig. This is kind of middle between Sard and Merida.


These two are on my list for curly hair. Both from etsy. First Is Toffee Gold, 9 inch and second is Light Reddish Brown, 12 inch. Both are Teeswater lamb.

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