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Styling Chloe part 2. Hair And Eyes*edit*

She is not here yet but I'm already thinking of her style. Character is forming and lots of ideas on my head.. I'm not making any clothing yet but some furniture ideas are on progress. Knitted pillows, Sofa and some little decor stuff.. mostly knitting for now.

*I have edited most of this post because hair and stuff idea changed*


One of the most important thing is eyes. I know that with the doll I get blue or brown eyes. But I don't like blue eyes, brown.. maybe. So 'cos these are not so expensive I think I order a nice pair for her.

Red Hair = Green or Golden eyes

Pastel Hair = Greyish or Brown eyes

Brown Hair = Golden eyes.


Other very important thing is hair. Girls character is some part defined by her hair. There are so many lovely hairs for bjd-girls. So 'cos I can't chose just one I decide to order 2 or 3. Now I have to decide what to order. She is going to be little hippy, bookwormish girl. I have decided her hair color form now to be Irish red and I will be ordering one pastel wig too (just for fun) to see If she is pastel kinda girl. And she is going to have sister (Mirwen) in some point, I have wig for her then. (Nicely saved, good reason to order more wigs). I'm going to make her wig my self but for now I order one.

Red Hair. I want long, Irish girl-type hair. Brownish red not RedRed hair. Next are my fave wigs for this color. And Some style ideas for making the wig. Mohair Wig.

This Wig is strong number one in buying list now.

This is the Style of wig what I'm looking for her and something like this I'm going to make her.

This More Irish Strawberry Blondish is also very nice.

This is same color but more curly and so cute.

Braids and dreads is also one possibility and could be one of my alternative wigs.

Mohair material for the wig making.

Pastels. Well this is no brainer for anyone. Pastel hair is one of the must haves. My hair is PastelPink so I think I have to have one Pink wig for her. Long wigs are good for styling them my self.

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