maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2016

Styling Chloe part 1.

My idea for Bibi was and is that she is red haired beauty. But with Chloe I don't know. She definitely is a fun teenish Boho girl.

Eye color could be Green, Grey or Dark Brown.

Hair color maybe Pink, Dark Brown, Red or some sort of pastel.

1. Red Hair.. She is very lovely with this hair and maybe I have to buy red wig to see what it would look like. First picture has nice lip make-up. And the green eyes are lovely. But my idea for redhair and green eyes for Bibi is more like her, maybe not for Chloe..

2. Natural hair tone. First picture has the feeling that I think my Chloe is going to have. Bohemian chic teenish girl. I like the hair and bangs. Second picture is blondie. I usually dond like blondie but in this she could be bohemian beach blond girl. Make-up is nice and natural.

3. Next is super pastels =) Mintblue is so, so sweet and her eyes and lips are cute. This make-upcould work with many diffrent hair. The Pink hair. Little cottoncandy troll =D Lovely hair and maybe I like it 'cos my hair is pink now.

4. Little darker natural hairs. Caramel brown hair quite not my thing but her make-up and eyes are lovely. Dark brown hair is very cute and could work for Chloe or maybe Mirwen.

5. First picture has almost perfect colour lips, frosty tone beach. And hair in both picture is very nice. Maybe I need to get Pinkish lilac wig too for her. It's nice how differet colour eyes and lighning makes same doll look too different doll. I like the darker eyes, gold tone eyes are not so nice to my taste.

6. This pink hair girl is one of my favorites. Hair is nice and lips are lovely, eyes are nice too. Very lovely natural tones.

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