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Fairyland Minifee Chloe 1/4 BJD

I’m about to get my first BJD minifee doll. Info about Chloe is below. First I thought I would by Bibiane first but then I thought that maybe I could start with Chloe. What change my mind from Bibi to Chloe? Money. At this point I had no choice than get Chloe first. I was going to buy Bibi first then Chloe or/and Mirwen and then David. This is my long term doll-goal now. But it could take some (long) time. When you are a mom, your hobbies comes last.

Chloe that I’m ordering is with no make-up or hair or clothes. So Make-up is going to be fun thing. Seller is offered to do the make-up for a small fee. She asked me to give reference pictures for the make-up. Next post will be about the idea of make-up and style for Chloe. Her back story/character and name is also going to be different post. I have an itch to by Mirwen so they could be sisters. =D Lots of ideas for clothing. Knitting, sewing and etc.  

Fairyland Minifee Chloe Amethyst 1/4 BJD.

Doll Size

Height: 42CM
Head circumference: 17.5CM
Shoulder width: 7CM
Bust: 16.7CM
Hip: 18CM
Waist: 12.3CM
Foot width: 2.2CM
Foot length: 5.5CM

Wig size: 6-7 or 7-8
Eye sizes: 12mm - 16mm

Skin: normal 

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